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M&M Gaming Project

Supporting ad-hoc mobile games is a strong challenge in the area of mobile computing. Imagine a situation, where people are equipped with smart mobile phones that communicate via short-range RF technology meet at a bus station and play an ad-hoc game while waiting for the train. Further information.

Network games are becoming more and more important in the last years. Nowadays games are already one of the major parts of the electronic entertainment industry, while their importance is even still growing. With the massive increase of the multimedia network gaming market comes the increased importance to completely comprehend the games and their environment.


Research Approach

The gaming sector offers a wide set of problems, thus our field of approaches is supporting different aspects. Nevertheless the focus relies on massive and mobile gaming. Examples of our work are:

- How to detect ongoing games in a mobile content (service discovery)

- Integrate real world and virtual world, so called location aware gaming

- User behavior: surveys to discover background information

- Optimize User Interfaces of mobile devices

- Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) in a mobile content

- Research core problems of MMOGs

- Network modeling: Server-Client, Peer-to-Peer and Hybrid structures in mobile environments and resource constrained communication devices, and sensor networks.

Futher details can be found in the Overview section.