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Embedded Sensor Board

Embedded Sensor Board

modulnamecircuit diagramm
Status:   inactive
CPU:   MSP430
Radio:   TR1001
Operating elements:  
  • 2 buttons
  • 3 LEDs
  • beeper TMB-05
  • IR movement PIR sensor with fresnell lens
  • IR transmitting diode
  • IR receiving diode
  • microphone
  • movement detector CM 1800
  • temperature sensor
  • potentiometer
  • sensors that are connectable via spi or 8 digital IO-ports
  • serial connection
  • JTAG
Lifetime:   2002 - now

The Embedded Sensor Board is a feature rich sensor board with 5 onboard sensors and 8 digital IO ports for further sensors to be connected.

A microphone offers the ability to monitor the surrounding by audio and a beeper can give audio feedback. The IR transmitting and receiving diodes provide another way of communication or can be used as a trap for intrusion detection.

The Embedded Sensor Board can not only detect it's own movement but can also monitor movement in front of the device with the integrated IR sensor and it's fressnell lens. So that a basic movement detection alert can be realized. But also with the Embedded EYE a photo of a moving object, in front of the node, can be triggered and then be send over the included radio to a Gateway or another node.

To comply with the description of feature rich it has furthermore 8 digital IO ports where aditional sensors or triggers can be connected. This makes the Embedded Sensor Board a very variable and multi purpose sensor board, that can fulfill many duties.

This is probably the best module to start with if you are new to this, because you can try a lot of things on board an learn from your experiments.