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ScatterWeb is a platform for self-configuring wireless sensor networks that started as research project and that already led to an awarded spin-off company.

More information to the research platform can be found here: Scatterweb Homepage

ScatterWeb welcomes you to the projects overview pages

This Website contains descriptions of the used modules, the corresponding firmware, and tutorials about how to work with hard- and software. Additional Software can also be found on our pages.

The menu on the left side is divided in four main parts Modules, Software, Tutorials and FAQ.
In the Modules section you will find a detailed description of all hardware that can be used with our software. The navigation point Software covers everything that has to do with code. It includes the firmware for single node-sensors up to full projects, that fulfill a certain purpose in computer science. The Tutorial section will help you with your first start. From installing the development environment to running your code on a board. The FAQ pages give you a quick access to the most important questions about this site, the modules, and the software that comes from us.

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Learn more about our modules. Learn more about the software that runs on the modules Learn how to write your own software on our modules