Dependable Distributed Systems

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Welcome at the Dependable Systems Group

We work on the measurement, modelling and evaluation of dependable distributed systems. Particular focus areas are service-oriented architectures and Cloud Computing, wireless networks, cryptocurrencies and mobile telephony. We employ measurement techniques as well as discrete-event simulation and abstract stochastic modelling formalisms.

We are involved in organising several major events in the field, such as the conferences QEST (2017 in Berlin), ICPE (2018 in Berlin) and ISSRE (2019 in Berlin).


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Former Members

  • Qiushi Wang
  • Huaming Wu
  • Tianhui Meng
  • Ye Na Rhee
  • Alexandra Danilkina
  • Andreas Dittrich
  • Patrick Kutter
  • Kawa H. Mahmoud
  • Tilman Krauss
  • Michael Bode
  • Matthias Dräger
  • Sonja Pins