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Forschungsseminar Sommersemester 2015

Topic: "Rational sections and Serre's conjecture" following de Jong-He-Starr

Time: Thursdays, 10-12 Uhr c.t.

Place: SR 025/026, Arnimallee 6

Organization: Lars Kindler und Lei Zhang

Program: hier


April 16 Survey on rational sections Lei
April 23 The language of stacks Pedro
Apri 30 The stack of curves Elena
May 7 Free sections Wouter
May 21 Kontsevich stable maps Lars
May 28 - June 4 Chains of free lines Lei
June 4 - June 11 Spaces of sections of a fibration Kay
June 11 - June 18 Very twisting scolls Valentina
June 18  2-4pm
SR E.31/A7
Main theorem 2 Ananyo
June 25 Main theorem 1 Inder
July 2 Main theorem 3 Inder
July 9 Serre's conjecture Jean-Baptiste