Aufgabe der AG im Matheon Kalender

News from Dec 21, 2017

ADMC2017 Award for Excellence

Bei der Preisverleihung des Asian Digital Modeling Contest 2017 am 10.08.2017 wurde das Modell "Chladni Towers" mit einem "Award for Excellence" ausgezeichnet.

News from Aug 15, 2017

New Spin-off: QuadCover

News from Aug 15, 2017

1. Platz in der Kategorie Cultural & Social: Double Cover

Bei der Preisverleihung der Research to Market Challenge 2017 am 18.07.2017 gewann das Projekt "Double Cover" in der Kategorie Cultural & Social den 1. Platz.

News from Jul 20, 2017

June 6th, 17:15, Talk@ZIB: Ligang Liu: Frame Fab - Robotic Fabrication of Frame Shapes

2017-06-06, 17:15, ZIB (Hörsaal): Frame shapes, which are made of struts, have been widely used in many fields, such as art, sculpture, architecture and geometric modeling, etc. An interest in robotic fabrication of frame shapes via spatial thermoplastic extrusion has been increasingly growing in ...

News from May 30, 2017

Boundary-Hodge article by K. Poelke and K. Polthier won best paper award @SPM/IGS16

Our article on boundary-aware Hodge decompositions for piecewise constant vector fields by Konstantin Poelke and Konrad Polthier was awarded the first price at this year's SPM best paper awards @IGS2016.

News from Sep 01, 2016

Chladni-Figures of AG Geom featured by the German Mathematical Society

The Chladni Figures of our workgroup, presented at the Bridges Conference 2016, have been featured by the German Mathematical Society as their Facebook Cover picuture. Find the article here and the Facebook page here.

News from Aug 23, 2016

Adam Finkelstein: Photo Manipulation Tools for Everyone

Montag, 2. Mai 2016, 17:15 UhrOrt: Zuse-Institut Berlin (ZIB)Takustrasse 7, 14195 BerlinHörsaal (Rundbau, Erdgeschoss)

News from Apr 26, 2016

Ingrid Hotz: Visualizing line-like features – Cleaning up the mess

Montag, 18. April 2016 um 17:15 UhrZuse-Institut Berlin (ZIB), Takustraße 7, 14195 BerlinGroßer Hörsaal (Rundbau, Erdgeschoss)

News from Apr 06, 2016

Pierre Alliez: Isotopic Approximation within a Tolerance Volume

Dienstag, 9. Februar 2016 um 16:15 Uhr - also 1 Stunde früher als gewohnt (!)Zuse-Institut Berlin (ZIB), Takustraße 7, 14195 BerlinGroßer Hörsaal (Rundbau, Erdgeschoss)

News from Feb 03, 2016

Tiburtius-Preis 2015

Der Tiburtius-Promotionspreis prämiert exzellente Dissertationen der Berliner Universitäten. Im Jahr 2015 kommen 5 Tiburtius-Promotionspreisträger von der Freien Universität Berlin.

News from Jan 04, 2016

Emil Saucan: Generalized Ricci curvature and its application to image sampling and reconstruction

Emil Saucan, PhD, Technion Israel Institute of Technology & MPI MIS Leipzig Weighted manifolds arise naturally and frequently in Imaging. Such weights (or densities) may appear as uncertainties intrinsic to the acquiring of the image (for instance in Ultrasonography), in modeling textures and, ...

News from Dec 02, 2015

Martin Skrodzki ist unser Mathemacher des Monats Oktober

PhD-Student Martin Skrodzki ist Hauptpreisträger der Studierendenkonferenz 2015 und DMV-Mathemacher des Monats Oktober

News from Oct 20, 2015

Cover Image on Neurology Journal

The cover photo of the official journal of the American Academy of Neurology (August 11, 2015) is from a recent study about moyamoya angiopathy made in collaboration with the Department of Neurology, Henrich Heine University Düsseldorf, and NeuroCure Clinical Research Center and Department of ...

News from Aug 19, 2015

Prof. Zbyněk Šír.: Curves and Surfaces with Rational Geometric Properties

This talk will be devoted to the study of rational geometric objects possessing special rational properties. In particular, we focus on rational curves and surfaces with rational offsets, rational curvature functions, rational convolutions with other objects, rational normal fields and frames. In ...

News from May 21, 2015

Cover image on new title in Mathematics and Visualization series

One image from Faniry Razafindrazaka's and Konrad Polthier’s paper was chosen to appear on the cover of the new book "J. Bennett, F. Vivodtzev, V. Pascucci (Eds.): Topological and Statistical Methods for Complex Data" from the series "Mathematics and Visualization" (Springer).

News from Dec 10, 2014

Image included on cover of Bridge 2014’s proceedings

News from Oct 16, 2014

#35 Science Slam Berlin am 6. Oktober

Am 6. Oktober findet das  35. Science Slam im SO36 statt. Konrad Polthier ist als "featured scientist" eingeladen.

News from Sep 30, 2014

1st prize for poster

Faniry Razafindrazaka was awarded 1st poster prize at Curves & Surfaces 2014 in Paris.

News from Sep 19, 2014

Gründerzeit: Wo Frauen den Schuh ihrer Träume finden

Eigentlich wollten sie nur ihren Freundinnen eine Freude machen und ihnen die Schuhe ihrer Träume ermöglichen. Doch dann ist daraus ein Geschäft geworden. Piotr Czemerys, Thomas Brzezinski und Arcan Akkas haben einen 3D-Konfigurator für Damenlederschuhe und einen Online-Shop entwickelt und das ...

News from Jul 31, 2014