Developing a configuration validator (external)

worked on by: Christian Cikryt


In cooperation with tarent solutions GmbH a description language and a configuration is being developed. tarent solutions GmbH is working with Enterprise Portal Systems whose configuration is complicated and involves the knowledge of many different projects. The configuration validator is used to detect missing or wrong configuration values in order to avoid malfunction. The main idea is to create a language for describing all configurations possibilities so that the validator can check if real configurations meet the description.

Thesis Requirements

In this thesis it should be evaluated if there are existing solutions that can be re-used. If that is not the case, technologies for an own implementation are to be chosen. The configurator must be easy to learn and to use and has to identify unsatisfiable description files.

Milestones and Planning

Milestone no. Past days CW Goals target accomplished wrench
1 DONE 1 CWXX Goals accomplished

Weekly Status

Week 1 (CW 28)


  • Evaluation
  • Research

Week 2 (CW 2)


  • Evaluation
  • Testing technologies
  • Preparing presentation