Topic "Processes"

The way software is constructed in teams of developers from the first steps of requirements analysis, specification and design to the stages of implementation, test and deployment is all captured by the term "process". Choosing, introducing and improving processes are some of the most important topics in Software Engineering since the management can act upon them. For Open Source we are faced with a number of problems that impede traditional processes from working: There is no centralized management that makes decisions, there are no meetings, no dead-lines, no assigned tasks, etc. How do the Open Source Software projects manage to develop quality software even when the process that seems to be evitable is chaos?

Walt Saachi from University of California at Irvine has thaught a class about Software Processes that deals at least in the beginning mainly with Open Source projects: ICS 225: Software Process class website

We will split this topic as it is central to the seminar.

Key Questions

  • Which processes get employed by Open Source Projects to manage the developement?
  • How do these differ from traditional software engineering?
  • What can the two learn from each other about how to develop software?


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