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Hallo Participants,
here I'd like to represent my "step-by-step" results. I hope they will also help the other participants.
The name of my topic: "Critique for the Open Source Development Model"

Topic "Critique for the Open Source Development Model"

After having discussed mostly topics that cast a positive light on the benefits and advantages of Open Source, we want look at the critiques that have been stirred up by the rise of the movement. This is necessary because some parts of the Open Source movement have reached a cult-like status where views become more and more subjective and are often mixed with political agenda.

Key Questions

  • Where can we find critical opinions about Open Source?
  • What critical arguments are attacking Open Source ideas?
  • Who and for what purpose argues against which aspects?
  • How credible are claims and how does the community deal with the attacks?


  • Nikolai Bezroukov, 1999. OSS Development as a special type of academic research (a critique of vulgar Raymondism). In First Monday, Vol. 4, No. 10, October 1999. (Online)
  • Albert Enders, 2000. "Open Source" und die Zukunft der Software - Zur Diskussion Gestellt. In Informatik Spektrum. (PDF)



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My paper and slides

- Paper (pdf, 254kb)
- Slides (ppt, 315kb)