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The idea behind the ElectroCodeoGram (ECG) is to record the software developer's micro-process automatically and from inside the tools the developer is using. The micro-process is the sequence of very fine steps a developer takes during his work like opening a file, running the project, or changing the code.

These steps are called MicroActivities in terms of the ECG. The MicroActivities are recorded by ECG sensors, which are usually plug-ins for the tools the developer uses.

The ECG sensors can be distributed among many applications on different machines at multiple locations. The recorded MicroActivites are collected by a server module of the ECG Lab, which is the MicroActivity collection and analysis application of the ElectroCodeoGram.

Multiple other modules are performing analysis on the collected MicroActivities. Different writer modules allow for writing the MicroActivity data along with the analysis results to various targets, like the file system or a database. The ECG can easily be extended by new analysis or writer modules.

The ElectroCodeoGram sensors can also be run in compatibility mode for the HackyStat project.


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