Research Projects in Actual Process Study

This page lists some research projects and effords which deal with actual processes (AP). They are grouped in three sections:
  1. AP ontology tries to develop a vocabulary and representation scheme of actual processes. It investigates how actual processes can be described for further analysis. This includes theoretical work about how to map descriptions from the bottom (i.e. technical events) to the top (i.e. behavior, goals, etc.) of the actual process spectrum.
  2. AP knowledge bases assemble all empirical work about actual processes.
  3. AP capturing denotes means to record actual process data, automatically or manually. AP analysis stands for technical means to handle these data for futher analysis, empirical investigation, or utilization.
  4. AP methodology stands for any software engineering technique, method, or practice which is based on actual process data to help in software development.

If you'd like to see a project you're aware of being added here, please get into contact with SebastianJekutsch.

Actual Process Ontology

Developing a Coding Scheme for Actual Single or Pair Coding Processes (Freie Universität Berlin)

Actual Process Knowledge Bases

Understanding high performance computing system application

Actual Process Capturing and Analysis

Hackystst (University of Hawaii)

ElectroCodeoGram (Freie Universität Berlin)

Actual Process Methodology

Diagnosing Expected Bahaviors (University of Hawaii)

Error Detection and Prevention (Freie Universität Berlin)