Date Lecture Materials
16.12.2010 Branch-and-Cut Intro b-and-c.pdf, Webpage http://www2.iwr.uni-heidelberg.de/groups/comopt/software/PORTA
4.1.2011 Branch-and-Cut for sequence alignment (modelling) Algorithms_2008_LanciaMathematical_Programming_in_Computational_Biology.pdf
6.1.2011 Branch-and-Cut for sequence alignment (algorithms I)  
11.1.2011 Branch-and-Cut for sequence alignment (algorithms II)  
13.1.2011 Langrage relaxation lagrange.pdf AdditionalMaterial
18.1.2011 Lagrange relaxation for RNA alignment multipleStructuralRNAalignment.pdf


Content Exercise Material Deadline
Problem sheet exercise 8 Exercises 8 7.01.11
Problem sheet exercise 9 Exercises 9 14.01.11
Problem sheet exercise 10 Exercises 10 21.01.11
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