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Embedded Web Server

Embedded Web Server

modulnamecircuit diagramm

Status:   inactive
CPU:   Motorola HC 12
  • Radiometrix BiM2-433-64
  • Bluetooth WML-C06
Operating elements:  
  • 3 LEDs
  • Beeper
  • Joystick
  • Reset button
  • Display (128x64)
  • none
  • 8 analog/digital IO ports
  • 8 potential detached inputs 0-24V
  • 8 Mosfet relay outputs (potential detached 0-24V)
  • 24 LED visual feedback
  • 2 CAN-BUS
  • JTAG
  • RS 232
  • LAN 10Mbit
Lifetime:   2002 - 2005

The microcontroller based Embedded Web Server provides a lot of input and outputs for sensors and other devices. The input/output lines on the bottom are very versatile in their field of application. they provide the heart of the off-board communicatoin and steering. Furthermore the Embedded Web Server provides standard connection to other devices like a serial Connector, the CAN-Bus system or the JTAG interface. They can be used to debug this device or steer other devices.

Wireless communication is provided through a Radiometrix Chipset and a bluetooth module. The bluetooth module is very futuristc for the time it was developed in. Now adays every Notebook or Handy has a bluetooth device but in 2002 it was very rare to find other bluetooth enabled devices on the market.

The EWS has now been replaced by the Embedded Gateway/WEB.