Research Seminar Winter 2015/16

Topic: Supersingular K3 surfaces are unirational, after C. Liedtke

Time: Thursdays, 10am-12pm

Place: SR 005 Arnimallee 3

Organization: Kay Rülling

Program: here

October 15 K3 surfaces: basics Fabio
October 22 Overview of crystalline cohomology and de Rham-Witt Pedro

October 29  

November 5

Formal groups and Dieudonné modules Lei
November 12 The formal Brauer group Elena
November 12 F-crystals and slopes Efstathia
November 19 The Rudakov-Shafarevich vanishing theorem Wouter
November 26 The inequality of Igusa-Artin-Mazur and K3 surfaces in positive characteristic Enlin
December 3 Continuous families of torsors (1) Marta
December 10 Continuous families of torsors (2) Marta
December 17 Supersingular K3 crystals (1) Tanya
January 7 Supersingular K3 crystals (2) Enlin
January 14 The moduli space of N-marked K3 surfaces Valentina
January 21 Ogus' crystalline Torelli theorem Maciek
January 28 N-rigidified supersingular K3 crystals and moving torsors Kay
February 4 No talk!  
February 11 Supersingular K3 surfaces are unirational Kay