Forschungsseminar winter semester 2013/14

Topic: "Higher Dimensional Class Field Theory and Ramifcation "

Begin: 14 Uhr c.t.

Place: SR E.31/A7

Direction: Hélène Esnault

Program: hier


Date Titel Speaker
October 241-dimensional class field theoryLars
October 31 First properties of the abelian fundamental group Inder
November 7 The theorem of Katz and Lang Jean-Baptiste
November 14 The reciprocity map Henrik
November 21 The Isomorphism and Weak Existence Theorems Kay
November 28 Fundamental theorms Giulia
December 5 The tame case Sina
December 12 Ramification theory Holger
January 9 Lefschetz theorem for the abelian fundamental group with modulus Lars
January 16 The existence theorem with modulus Lei
January 23 The cycle conductor Ananyo
January 30 No talk! n.n.
February 6 No talk! n.n.
February 13 Proof of the existence theorem with modulus Kay