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Summer Semester 2022

19214301: Differential Geometry II (Lecture with tutorial)
In the lecture, basic topics in Riemannian Geometry are treated from a theoretical point of view and illustrated with several examples. Content: A digest of the following topics will be presented: exponential map and Hopf-Rinow theorem Riemannian manifolds and metrics, Riemannian curvature tensor Levi-Civita connection connections between curvature und topology (e.g. Myers theorem, ...
InstructorProf. Dr. Konrad Polthier, Henriette-Sophie Lipschütz
TimeApr 20, 2022 - Jul 20, 2022
Lecture: Wednesday, 10-12, and 12-14, 025/026/A6. The lecture on July, 20th, will take place online . Tutorial: Friday, 10-12, 032/A6 . Written exams: July, 29th, 2022, 10-12, retake: September, 22nd, 2022, 10-12. Both exams will take place online.
To achieve regular and active participation it is necessary to visit at least 85% of the offered tutorials and to earn at least 60% of the possible points on the exercise sheets.
19214411: Research Module Differential Geometry (Course)
In this seminar, differential geometric topics will be independently developed based on current research and presented in the form of a talk. Particular emphasis is placed on the concrete implementation of differential geometric concepts in application scenarios and the questions of discretization and implementation. Learning objectives are a deeper understanding of differential geometry ...
InstructorProf. Dr. Konrad Polthier, Henriette-Sophie Lipschütz
TimeApr 26, 2022 - Jul 19, 2022
Preliminary meeting: April, 26th, 2022. Whether the preliminary meeting will take place in presence (SR 115/A3).
19214119: ABV Introduction to Visualization (Course)
The course provides an introduction to fundamental methods and principles in visualization of mathematics, data sciences, and industrial applications. We discuss mathematical foundations and data structures. We present several core algorithms and tools. The students get practical hands-on experience with at least one visualization system during a larger project work and develop strategies and ...
InstructorProf. Dr. Konrad Polthier
Student Profile Students of mathematics and computer science
TimeSep 05, 2022 - Sep 23, 2022
Preliminary meeting:  May 3, 2022, 14:15, in SR 108/109 in A6. Block seminar:  Sept. 5-16, 10-12 and 2-4, announcements whether the block seminar will be held in presence in SR 108/109.