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Konrad Polthier is recipient of the John A. Gregory Award

The John A. Gregory Award is the highest award in the field of Geometric Design. Konrad Polthier received the price for his lifetime impact on the field. More details:  www.geometric-modelling.org

Nov 24, 2021

Cover Image of Royal Society Open Science Journal by Faniry Razafindrazaka

A discrete boundary-sensitive Hodge decomposition is proposed as a central tool for the analysis of wall shear stress (WSS) vector fields in aortic blood flows. The method is based on novel results for the smooth and discrete Hodge–Morrey–Friedrichs decomposition on manifolds with boundary and subdivides the WSS vector field into five components: gradient (curl-free), co-gradient (divergence-free) and three harmonic fields induced from the boundary, which are called the centre, Neumann and Dirichlet fields. First, an analysis of WSS in several simulated simplified phantom geometries (duct and idealized aorta) was performed in order to understand the nature of the five components. It was shown that the decomposition is able to distinguish harmonic blood flow arising from the inlet from harmonic circulations induced by the interior topology of the geometry. Finally, a comparative analysis of 11 patients with coarctation of the aorta (CoA) before and after treatment as well as 10 control patients was done. The study shows a significant difference between the CoA patients before and after the treatment, and the healthy controls. This means a global difference between aortic shapes of diseased and healthy subjects, thus leading to a new type of WSS-based analysis and classification of pathological and physiological blood flow

Apr 08, 2019

ADMC2017 Award for Excellence

Bei der Preisverleihung des Asian Digital Modeling Contest 2017 am 10.08.2017 wurde das Modell "Chladni Towers" mit einem "Award for Excellence" ausgezeichnet.

Aug 15, 2017

1. Platz in der Kategorie Cultural & Social: Double Cover

Bei der Preisverleihung der Research to Market Challenge 2017 am 18.07.2017 gewann das Projekt "Double Cover" in der Kategorie Cultural & Social den 1. Platz.

Jul 20, 2017

Boundary-Hodge article by K. Poelke and K. Polthier won best paper award @SPM/IGS16

Our article on boundary-aware Hodge decompositions for piecewise constant vector fields by Konstantin Poelke and Konrad Polthier was awarded the first price at this year's SPM best paper awards @IGS2016.

Sep 01, 2016

Tiburtius-Preis 2015

Der Tiburtius-Promotionspreis prämiert exzellente Dissertationen der Berliner Universitäten. Im Jahr 2015 kommen 5 Tiburtius-Promotionspreisträger von der Freien Universität Berlin.

Jan 04, 2016

Emil Saucan: Generalized Ricci curvature and its application to image sampling and reconstruction

Emil Saucan, PhD , Technion Israel Institute of Technology & MPI MIS Leipzig Weighted manifolds arise naturally and frequently in Imaging. Such weights (or densities) may appear as uncertainties intrinsic to the acquiring of the image (for instance in Ultrasonography), in modeling textures and, in a variety of instances, as ad hoc tools employed at various stages of the implementation of a variety of tasks, such as smoothing, (elastic) registration, warping, segmentation, etc.

Dec 02, 2015