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Summer Semester 2018

19214119: Introduction to Visualization (Course)
The course provides an introduction to fundamental methods and principles in visualization for mathematics, data science and industrial applications. We discuss mathematical foundations and data structures and present several core algorithms and tools. The students get practical hands-on experience with at least one visualization system during a larger project work and develop strategies and ...
InstructorProf. Dr. Konrad Polthier
TimeAug 27, 2018 - Sep 07, 2018
Preliminary meeting: April, 24th, 2018, 10-12, 108/109/A6 Benchmarks: -August, 27th: begin 10 o'clock, presentation of projects (by AG-Geom) at 12 o'clock -September, 3rd: short feedback of current state -September, 7th: presentation of projects (by participants) at 10 o'clock, submission of code, animations, etc. -September, 14th: submission of documentation
19050: Differential Geometry II (Lecture)
A selection of the following topics:  ● Exponential map and the Hopf-Rinow theorem  ● Connection between curvature and topology (e.g. Myer's theorem, Hadamard-Cartan, Klingenberg, rigidity theorems)  ● Closed geodesics  ● Stokes' theorem and Cohomology ● Spaces of constant curvature, Lie groups, homogeneous spaces ● Conformal geometry, geometric differential equations ● Basic ...
InstructorProf. Dr. Konrad Polthier, Henriette Lipschütz
TimeApr 16, 2018
*Lecture: Monday, 12-14, 007/008/A6, Wednesday, 12-14, 007/008/A6 *Tutorials: Friday, 10-12, 032/A6 *Exams: first July, 20th, 2018. Dates will be given on request.               second: tba
Regular participation: at least 85% of participation in the tutorials is needed. Active participation: at least 60% of all possible points that can be earned in the homework assignements are needed.
19212411: Seminar on Visualization (Seminar)
InstructorProf. Dr. Konrad Polthier, Henriette Lipschütz
Student Profile Students in the Bachelor's program, preparation for Bachelor thesis. Students in the Master's program may take credit of this seminar.
Time Preliminary Meeting : April, 17th, 2018, 10-12, in 108/109 /A6 Dates during Semester : talks will take place on Tuesdays, 10-12, 025/026, concrete dates will be given in the preliminary meeting