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Chladni-Figures of AG Geom featured by the German Mathematical Society

3D-Chladni Figure

3D-Chladni Figure

The Chladni Figures of our workgroup, presented at the Bridges Conference 2016, have been featured by the German Mathematical Society as their Facebook Cover picuture. Find the article here and the Facebook page here.

News from Aug 23, 2016

In his book "Discoveries on the Theory of Sound", published in 1787, Ernst Florens Friedrich Chladni describes the following experiment to visualize sound modes. Sand grains are distributed over a metal plate, which is then stimulated using a violin bow. Given the correct frequency, the sand grains form so called Chaldni figures. They emerge in the time-independent zero set of a standing wave resulting as solution to the oscillation equation.

This principal can also be applied to 3D: In the article, published at the Bridges conference (see here) all pictures are generated with computer experiments, still, a physical experiment could be performed. It would have to consist of light particles moving in a viscose fluid that is stimulated e.g. by speakers. Further information can be found in the paper, see link above.

One image from the paper has now been featured as cover-image of the German Mathematical Society and their Facebook page. See the page here.

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