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Bachelor Thesis Defence: "Porting of a web application with data visualizations for touch displays" by Anupam Handa (June 08, 2020)

News from May 29, 2020

June 8th, 9 am, the Thesis Defense: "Portierung einer Webanwendung mit Datenvisualisierungen für Touch-Displays" by Anupam Handa will take place at HCC Lab.


The possibilities of using large touch screen displays are becoming more and more diverse. Due to the requirements in format and capacities (touch) as well as absences (keyboard and mouse), the complexity of the development of a suitable application increases strongly.

The project IKON1, which was running in cooperation with the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, aimed to raise awareness of existing research in the museum by means of an application with multiple visualizations and to support knowledge transfer. It is self-explanatory that with more than 250 researchers and more than 400 research assistants and doctoral students, not all employees can be informed about their colleagues' research.

One way to support knowledge transfer is the use of large touch screen displays. For a web application, which was developed in the IKON project, an interface was designed and implemented in this bachelor thesis. The interface is based on a large display which has a touch screen (touch display) and takes its specific characteristics into account.

The web application provided by the IKON project in the form of a web prototype was compared with solutions from industry and research. In order to get an idea of the size of the touch display, low-fidelity prototypes (LoFi prototypes) were developed in an iterative process based on the web prototype. After several analyses of the prototypes, a proof of concept was implemented, which took into account the specific characteristics of a large touch display.

A cognitive walkthrough was performed to evaluate the proof of concept. The results show that the proof of concept helps to provide a quick overview of the existing research.

Finally, I summarize the results of this work again and give an outlook for possible future interaction designs.

The defence will be held in german.

First assesor: Prof. Dr. Claudia Müller-Birn
Second assesor: Prof. Dr. Margarita Esponda-Argüero

Fore more information eg. regarding location, please contact the secretary office.

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