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Journal Club Computational Biology

In this seminar we will present original work in Computational biology as well as progress reports from PhD students. Master students can participate by giving a talk about their thesis or Forschungspraktikum or (voluntartily) by presenting a paper.


InstructorKnut Reinert
RoomTakustr. 9 SR 049

Monday 10:15 - 11:45

Student Profile

Master and PhD students in Bioinformatics, Computer Science and Mathematics


The schedule of the seminar can be found hier

Interested MSc students should (have) come to the first meeting. The seminar is still open for new participants.

English is the preferred language of presentation. There will be presentations about the current work in the research group as well as a thematic emphasis on recent algorithmic publications (e.g. RECOMB)

We expect each student to write a brief handout (about 2 pages) summarizing the key points his or her talk. This handout will be distributed to the audience.

Two useful guides on how to give a good seminar talk: