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Welcome to the Wiki of the Journal Club

In this seminar we will present original work in Computational biology as well as progress reports from PhD students.

Master students will present their MSc thesis plans and results or report about their ”Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum”.



Date Speaker Title
25.10.10 Enrico Siragusa Filtering with Gapped Q-Grams
01.11.10 Kerstin Neubert MSc Thesis: Detection of CNVs in sequencing data
08.11.10 Anne-Katrin Emde tbd
15.11.10 David Weese Fiona - Shrec's significant other
22.11.10 Birte Kehr Swift local evaluation
29.11.10 Leon Kuchenbecker Separating repeats in DNA sequence assembly
06.12.10 Konrad Rudolph Report on MSc thesis results
13.12.10 Hannes Hauswedell SubMAP: Aligning Metabolic Pathways with Subnetwork Mappings
03.01.11 Chris Bielow Report from Switzerland
10.01.11 Jialu Hu/Felix Heeger Comparison of GI algorithms / Genovo: De novo Assembly for Metagenonomics
17.01.11 Xintian You/Jan-Ole Christian tbd / Bioinformatics analysis of phosphorylation hotspots
24.01.11 Manuel Holtgrewe Rabema — A Novel And Well-Defined Benchmarking Method For Second Generation Read Mapping
31.01.11 Rene Märker/John Wiedenhöft Report on MSc thesis results/ Cactus graphs
07.02.11 Sandro Andreotti tbd
14.02.11 Matthias Lienhard Evaluation of RNA-Seq pipelines

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