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Algorithmic Bioinformatics (ABI)

+++ On-site offices are open at irregular times. Please contact us by email or phone. +++

The Algorithmic Bioinformatics group of Prof. Dr. Ing. Knut Reinert focuses on the development of novel algorithms and data structures for problems in the analysis of biomedical mass data.

In particular, we are interested in developing mathematical models for analyzing large genomic sequences, especially in the context of next generation sequencing (NGS), and data derived from mass spectrometry experiments, for example for detecting differential expression of proteins between normal and diseased samples.

Apart from modeling problems and devising efficient algorithms to solve the problems, the group focuses on developing free, integrated implementations of these algorithms and data structures in maintainable software libraries such as OpenMS and SeqAn. For more details about our research please refer to our projects.

For information on the Bachelor and Master programs in bioinformatics see Studiengang Bioinformatik.

For information about graduate schools see IMPRS-BAC and HEIBRiDS.

SeqAn@FPGA (greenHPC)
Projekt SeqAn
Projekt OpenMS