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Application FAQ

The regular start for the master program is the winter term each year.

However, in principle applications for the summer term are also possible. In this case, one would apply for a higher (2nd) semester and a spot must be available, which is usually not the case. Further, you need to prove that you fulfill the requirements for the second semester, that is, you successfully finished the same or equivalent courses as the other students in the program.

There are no tuition fees. However, the university charges about 300 EUR each semester (fees and contribution) which includes a ticket for Berlin's public transport system.

More information can be found here: https://www.fu-berlin.de/en/studium/studienorganisation/immatrikulation/rueckmeldung/gebuehren/index.html

No. The application deadline is a cut-off date. That means any documents provided after the application deadline cannot be considered.

No, it is a face-to-face programme.

You may apply with an incomplete BSc degree and transcript of records, as long as you fulfill the admission requirements. For more information see here:


Please have a look at the website of the Berlin Studierendenwerk: https://www.stw.berlin/en/housing.html

The master’s program in Data Science is able to accept 20 new students each year.

Please use the following links to get to the application web site:

It is hard to accept a rejection, which is why we are committed to ensure that all decisions concerning admissions are clear and consistent. But we understand that there may be reasons why you wish to challenge a decision.

Please note that the admissions committee's decisions are final and there is no appeal possible in university matters according to § 26 para. 2 of the General Competence Act (Allgemeines Zuständigkeitsgesetz, AZG).

Admission requirements subject to confirmation by the Senate Administration of Berlin.

You are required to prove English language skills at level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Accepted certifications are: Link.

We have usually many more applications than places in this program.

This means, admission is based on a ranking system.

Each applicant is assigned a score (max. 100 points) based on the following three categories:

  • The final mark of your bachelors degree (up to 80 points).
  • Relevant qualification outside your studies (up to 10 points).
  • Relevant professional experience (up to 10 points).

Please note that you may not score high enough if the final mark of your bachelors degree is not very good.

You need to fulfill the requirements stated in the admission regulations. There is no conditional acceptance.

Please have a look at this website, to check the status of your application:


Application Deadline

We accept students for the master program once per year for the winter term which starts in October.

Applications for our Master's programme Data Science (Consecutive Master with NC, restricted admission (1st semester)) are accepted from 17th of April until 31st of May. More information is on the university's admissions page.

Notification of Acceptance

The admission office of Freie University Berlin usually sends out this information after beginning of July.

Start of Teaching

The teaching activities start middle of October.

For more details on our academic calendar see  https://www.fu-berlin.de/en/studium/studienorganisation/termine/index.html

Find more information in our FAQ.

The application periode for the winter semester each year is: 15th of April until 31st of May.

The admission office of Freie University Berlin usually sends out this information after beginning of July.

Due to a large number of applicants this can even take until August.

Please refrain from contacting the master programme regarding notification times. We will not be able to give an answer.

We accept certificates of online courses from highly ranked universities, which can be found at EdX or coursera.

We don't accept certificates of online courses from Udemy.

A certificate must fulfill the following:

  • A verification URL is included to check authenticity.
  • The course name is stated.
  • The course content is stated or can be found through the verification URL.
  • The workload (in hours) of the course is stated or can be found through the verification URL.
  • The certificate is signed by the instructor.
  • A statement by the provider is included that the identity of the learner who completed the course is confirmed.

Only the final mark of your bachelors degree is counted for the application process.

If you have another precisely formulated question, you may send us an email at: datascience@mi.fu-berlin.de.

Please beware that we receive many emails and that we do not have staff to individually check documents.