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Who is the course intended for?

"The Master's program is explicitly not just for IT cracks."

Prof. Wolter, Computer Science

"In the data science program application-oriented specialists are trained who can analyse the large data-sets that are already emerging today in various areas, derive knowledge from them and generate added value".

Prof. Conrad, Mathematics

"The main aim here is to provide students with specialist knowledge in contemporary data analysis techniques and application domains. For us, data science is the confluence of statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as domain-specific problem solving."

Prof. Ostwald, Computational Cognitive Neuroscience


The prerequisite for an application for the Master's programme is a completed university degree of at least six semesters. At least 20 credit points must have been completed in mathematical courses and 10 credit points in computer science courses courses. In addition, English language skills must be proven at least at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. More details can be found in the Admission Regulations.

Please enclose the completed self-disclosure form with your application. PDF

The course is interdisciplinary and is supported by the following institutions.

What will happen in the first semester?

Profile Areas

  • Data Science in the Social Sciences
  • Data Science in the Life Sciences
  • Data Science Technologies