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Required Elective Area

Required Elective Area (50 credits)

Core and praxis modules enhance the application-oriented understanding of the core themes of bioinformatics. Every semester, courses are offered but not necessarily for all modules.

In the required elective area, the number of modules you are allowed to register for is not limited. This means that it is also possible to take e.g. 3 core modules. Only the best two of them will count for the final score.

Core Modules: (students must complete two of these)

  • Biodiversity and Evolution (10 credits)
  • Medical Bioinformatics (10 credits)
  • Network Analysis (10 credits)
  • Physiology (10 credits)
  • Sequence Analysis (10 credits)
  • Structural Bioinformatics (10 credits)

For the core modules, the 2012 examination regulations require students to take an oral exam. The exam takes about 20 minutes for each student.
(A record of each exam must be made. The record form can be downloaded here. It must be transmitted to the examinations office after the exam.)
Core modules are offered only in summer semesters!

Practical Modules: (students must complete two of these)

  • Current Issues in Cell Physiology (5 credits)
  • Applied Sequence Analysis (5 credits)
  • Measurement and Analysis of Physiological Processes (5 credits)
  • Computational Systems Biology (5 credits)
  • Environmental Metagenomics (5 credits)
  • Current Issues in Medical Genomics (5 credits)
  • Current Issues in Structural Bioinformatics (5 credits)

Research Modules: (students must complete one of these)

Research modules consist of research-oriented courses, which students can choose from the course catalogue of the current semester. All courses offered match both research module A and research module B. The research modules are not specified by their subject but provide a framework for variable courses.

  • Research Module A (two lectures with exercises, one seminar, project paper, 20 credits)
  • Research Module B (one lecture with exercise, two seminars, project paper, 20 credits)

Further information about Research Modules