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Research Internship (2012)

Educational Objectives

During their internship at a research institution affiliated with university or outside
academia, students gain experience in practical research in the field of bioinformatics or
related areas. In particular, participants should develop skills in project coordination and
handling as well as refine their teamwork competences.


Current research topics from the area of bioinformatics.


300 hours, at least 270 hours of which is spent on-site engaging in the internship.


At least 7 weeks

Active Participation

2012 study/examination regulations: internship report, 5–10 pages, and ungraded final
presentation (approx. 30 minutes), which is typically given in the mentor’s group seminar.


  1. Find an internship position[1] and supervisor.
  2. Find a mentor[2] and fill out the registration form (or have it filled out). Take or send it to the examination office.
  3. Register the internship in Campus Management (as soon as possible).
  4. Complete the internship and have it confirmed using the “Certification of a Research Internship” form (2012 study/examination regulations)[3].
  5. Write the report and present it to your mentor.
  6. Give the final presentation.
  7. Have the “Certification of a Research Internship” signed by your mentor.
  8. Take or send the certification to the examination office.

[1]Internship positions: Initiative is desired. Possibilities include both research institutions and
institutes associated with a university and those outside academia (possibly even in other
[2]Mentors: instructors within the master’s degree program in bioinformatics who are authorized to give exams
[3]Confirmation from the internship body: It is recommended that students have the institution where they complete their internship issue confirmation regarding the internship. This confirmation should be issued on official company letterhead and should state your name, date of birth, the duration of your internship (in hours) and the nature of your activities. It should be stamped and signed.