Overview of Talks

15.12.2022 Edoardo Baccini (University of Groningen) Myside bias, group discussion and truth-tracking ZIB Lecture Hall Abstract
10.11.2022 Matteo Straccamore (CREF) Interplay between technologies and development of metropolitan areas Virtual Abstract
07.07.2022 Gesine Steudle (ZIB) Agent-Based Modelling of the Private Mobility Demand and Its Use as a Decision Support Tool Hybrid (ZIB Seminar Room) Abstract
02.06.2022 Aida Saraí Figueroa Alvarez (FU) The agentization of the first Green Growth Mechanics' building block: the endogenous technical progress block Hybrid (ZIB Seminar Room) Abstract
19.05.2022 Marc Wiedermann (HU | RKI) Big Data and Citizen Science in the fight against COVID-19 — The Corona Data Donation Project Hybrid (ZIB Lecture Hall) Abstract
07.04.2022 Luzie Helfmann (ZIB | PIK) Collective Variables and Tipping Analysis of Agent-Based Models Virtual Abstract
03.03.2022 Mohsen Raoufi (HU) Speed-accuracy tradeoffs in collective estimation Virtual Abstract
13.01.2021 N. Alexia Raharinirina (ZIB) Tensor Correspondence Analysis of verbal forms in Ancient Egyptian texts Virtual Abstract
02.12.2021 Marvin Lücke (ZIB) Concentration Effects and Collective Variables in Agent-Based Systems Virtual Abstract
04.11.2021 Luana Schwarz (PIK / Universität Osnabrück) Social Dynamics and Motives in Decision Making for Joint Environmental Action - Exploring the Impact of Environmental Movements Virtual Abstract
07.10.2021 Sarah Hiller (FU) An Axiomatic Approach to Formalized Responsibility Ascription Virtual Abstract
August - September 2021 Summer Break
01.07.2021 Zahra Mokhtari (FU) Spontaneous Trail Formation in Populations of Chemotactic Agents Virtual Abstract
03.06.2021 Niklas Kitzmann (PIK) Contagious Transformations? Inter-City Spreading of Sustainability Innovations Virtual Abstract
06.05.2021 Hanna Wulkow (ZIB) Prediction of Covid-19 Spreading and Optimal Coordination of Counter-Measures Virtual Abstract
March - April 2021 Semester Break
11.02.2021 Sven Banisch (MPI, Leipzig) Biased Processing and Opinion Polarisation - Experimental Refinement of Argument Communication Theory in the Context of the Energy Debate Virtual Abstract Slides
14.01.2021 Sara Ansari (PIK) Topologically Targeted Social Distancing Virtual Abstract
03.12.2020 Ulrike Schmidt-Kraepelin (TU) Approval-Based Apportionment Virtual Abstract Paper
05.11.2020 Valeria Widler (FU) The Authoritarian Dynamic in Liberal Democracies Virtual Abstract
01.10.2020 Antonia Schuster (PIK) Socio-Metabolic Class Conflicts Virtual Abstract
August - September 2020 Summer Break
02.07.2020 Niklas Wulkow (ZIB) Memory-Based Reduced Modelling and Data-Based Estimation of Opinion Spreading Virtual Abstract Paper
04.06.2020 Nico Wunderling (PIK) Interacting Tipping Elements - A Network Perspective Virtual Abstract
Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3
14.05.2020 Johannes Zonker (ZIB) Coarse Graining of Agent Based Population Models Virtual Abstract
07.05.2020 Ana Cholodovskis (LMU, Munich) From Centered to Uncentered - Determining Belief Functions for Uncentered Worlds Given Belief Functions for Centered Worlds Virtual Abstract
07.04.2020 Sarah Hiller (FU) and Anna-Katharina Kothe (Universität Tübingen) Responsibility Functions for Explaining Deviations in Decision Behaviour Virtual Abstract Slides
05.03.2020 Felix Strnad (PIK) Deep Reinforcement Learning in World-Earth System Models to Discover Sustainable Management Strategies Seminar room Abstract
20.02.2020 Jan-Hendrik Niemann (ZIB) Agent-Based Modelling - Population Limits and Metastability Seminar room Abstract
06.02.2020 Wolfram Barfuss (MPI, Leipzig) On Caring for the Future under Risk of Collapse Seminar room Abstract Slides
23.01.2020 Leonie Neuhäuser (Hertie School) Higher-Order Networks and Modelling Peer-Pressure Seminar room Abstract
16.01.2020 Luzie Helfmann (FU) Extending Transition Path Theory for the Study of Critical Transitions in Agent-Based Models Red Salon Abstract Paper
12.12.2019 Nataša Djurdjevac Conrad (ZIB) Mathematical Modelling of Spreading Processes Red Salon Abstract
21.11.2019 Anne-Marie George (TU) Liquid Democracy with Ranked Delegations Seminar Room Abstract Slides
07.11.2019 Marc Wiedermann (PIK) A Network-based Microfoundation of Granovetter's Threshold Model for Social Tipping Seminar Room Abstract

FU: Free University Berlin, TU: Technical University Berlin, PIK: Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, ZIB: Zuse Institute Berlin