Semester Planning

Overview of BMS Fridays and "What is...?" seminars in winter semester 2015/2016. See also here.

Date Location Main Talk What is...? Organizer Attending NOT Attending
Oct 16 BMS Loft Geordie Williamson Patrick Da Silva Barbara, Giovanni Barbara, Konstantin, Patrick  
Oct 30 BMS Loft Pierre Cartier Filippo Nuccio Barbara, Giovanni Patrick, Konstantin  
Nov 13 TU(!) Christian Haase Jan Hofmann Konstantin Konstantin  
Nov 27 BMS Loft Emo Welzl DROPPED -   Konstantin
Dec 11 BMS Loft Julia Wolf Christoph Spiegel Konstantin Konstantin  
Jan 15 BMS Loft Philippe Michel ? Barbara, Giovanni ? Konstantin
Jan 29 BMS Loft Christof Schütte Stefan Stefan & Patrick ?  
Feb 05 FU SR031 - Josue Cueto Konstantin Konstantin  
Feb 12 TU Lex Schrijver Miriam Schlöter Patrick Konstantin  
Feb 16 BMS Loft Jörg Liesen Irem Portakal Konstantin Konstantin  

BMS Days in February 2016.

What-is Talk on Feb. 16, 10am@BMS Loft/Urania


We have Josue Cueto volunteering to give a what-is on Galois theory or some other algebraic topic. Since this probably does not match any of the main talks we have an additional what-is at a university.

-- KonstantinPoelke - 29 Oct 2015

-- PatrickGel - 02 Nov 2015
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