This is the internal organizing wiki for the BMS "What is...?" seminar series. Our public web page is here.

Calendars (inactive since March 2018):

Generic letters:

Internal Contact Data

Sometimes it might be easiest to just phone someone, so let's collect our office numbers at least.

  • Barbara and Giovanni: 030 2093 5447
  • Johanna: 838 75656
  • András: 030 314 28510

Administrational things

Adding new committee members to the orga wiki

Any new member of the organizing committee should get access to our wiki pages. In order to do so, the following steps need to be done:
  1. Get a valid ZEDAT account. This typically only affects non-FU members, as FU students usually have a ZEDAT account already. If you already have one, you can skip this step. Download the form for the Zedat-Buntzungsantrag Projekt-Account and fill out all necessary text fields. Make sure to give alternatives for your preferred user name as there might be a collision. The two framed boxes at the bottom of the page are filled out by BMS/ZEDAT. Hand in this document to BMS staff, preferably to Lena, as she is the contact person for FU and handles the account registration.
  2. Get the ZEDAT account connected with the Math/IT department. Once you have a valid Zedat account, this account needs to be connected to the math/IT department at FU Berlin, as the Wiki is run by this very department (and not by Zedat or whatsoever). To this end, send a friendly mail to support@mi.fu-berlin.de with the request to add your Zedat account to the department domain because you need access to the Wiki. It might be a good idea to mention your activities in the BMS what-is seminar committee as a reason for registering a Wiki name.
  3. Register a Wiki name. You need to register a wiki name for the FU wiki under https://www.mi.fu-berlin.de/w/System/UserRegistration. Pick a WikiName of your choice. This is by default FirstnameLastname (mind the camel case, it's important, see also here). Your login name is your ZEDAT user name.
  4. Send your Wiki name to one of the members who already have access to the orga wiki. They will add your wiki name to the list of wiki users which are granted access to our pages. This is done by clicking the AddMembers link in the administration section at the bottom of our orga main page

That's it.

Editing the Wiki

Check out the wiki syntax for this wiki.

The Spline Mailing List

We maintain a mailing list provided by Spline/FU. This list is one of the recipients lists in our announcement mails and can be addressed as was_ist_eigentlich___@lists.spline.inf.fu-berlin.de. It's number of registered users is fairly stable over the years and at the moment around 30 (February 2017). Everyone who knows about it can register for this list - this is only interesting for people who are not included in one of the other mailing lists we address our public mails to. Probably the main part of the currently registered users on that list are alumni from the math departments. Whenever someone new tries to register the admins get a notification mail to accept or reject the request in order to prevent spam. Registration activity is very low, often just one or two real registrations and a very few spam requests which can be ignored.

The administration interface can be accessed under https://lists.spline.inf.fu-berlin.de/mailman/admin/was_ist_eigentlich___

Organizing Talks

Tea & Cookies

The BMS is happy to support our student initiative. They provide seminar rooms, video equipment, webspace (including the vimeo plus account) and also a small budget for tea&cookies. The BMS One-Stop Office has, in the past, shared their petty cash with us so that we can buy some tea/coffee/cookies. So far it's always been in the range of 20€ per semester. As long as we don't go too far over that, I believe they're happy to continue to help us out.

What-Is on non-BMS-Fridays

We used to keep the seminar series running even between the official BMS Fridays, in recent years much less frequently, though (check the list of past what-is talks - we have been up to a weekly performance in the old days ;). For this occasion we always had a permanent room reservation for seminar rooms on Friday afternoons, 16:00-18:00. These rooms are:
  • FU: SR 031, Arnimallee 6 (PI-Building)
  • TU: BMS seminar room MA 212
  • HU: BMS seminar room RUD 25 1.023

These reservations need to be checked and possibly renewed if we intend to bring back a weekly seminar on off-BMS-Fridays. Such seminars took place at 4pm in contrast to the 1pm time on BMS Fridays. As a drawback, visitor numbers have been often rather low (5-10).

Video Recordings

BMS owns a camcoder we use for recording the what-is seminars as well as the main BMS Friday talks. This requires permission by the speakers. The recordings are uploaded to the BMS vimeo account https://vimeo.com/album/1620836 which is paid by BMS office.


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