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Forschungsseminar Geometrie und Topologie

Summer Term 2021

Prof. Dr. Holger Reich - Prof. Dr. Elmar Vogt - Dr. Gabriel Angelini-Knoll

  • Time and place: Tuesday, 14--16h, online.

Content: Talks by masters and Phd students about ongoing work and selected research topics as well as guest talks.


16.03. On real TC of group rings for cyclic groups Vincent Boelens
 23.03. K-theory and isomorphism conjectures for virtually cyclic groups Georg Lehner
06.04. Homology of crossed simplicial groups Gabriel Angelini-Knoll

guest talks:

13.04. Nilpotence and descent in algebraic K-theory Justin Noel
Univ. Regensburg
20.04. Assembly and Morita invariance in the algebraic K-theory of Lawvere theories Markus Szymik
NTNU, Norway
27.04. Lawvere theories Georg Lehner

guest talks:

04.05. Cyclotomic spectra with Frobenius lifts and TR Jonas McCandless
Univ. of Münster
11.05. Algebraic K-theory of THH(Fp) Haldun Özgür Bayındır
City Univ. of London
18.05. --- ---
25.05. Duality Ferry Saavedra

guest talks: both Monday, 2pm -- 4pm

31.05. Hermitian K-theory of Poincaré categories I Fabian Hebestreit
Univ. Bonn
07.06. Hermitian K-theory of Poincaré categories II Markus Land
Univ. of Copenhagen

guest talk:

15.06. Spectral sequences via décalage Alice Hedenlund
Univ. of Oslo
22.06. discussion all
29.06. Advances on the red-shift conjectures Gabriel Angelini-Knoll
06.07. Complete cohomology Mark Backhaus
13.07. TBA N.N.