Astrid Sturm

03.07.2015 — 02.07.2018

Die Naturschutzstiftung Heidekreis setzt zusammen mit Partnern aus Landwirtschaft, Naturschutz, Verwaltung und Wissenschaft ein dreijähriges von der Deutschen Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) gefördertes Projekt um. Ziel ist die Erhaltung und die Vermehrung von naturschutzfachlich wertvollem Grünland in der Allerniederung im niedersächsischen Heidekreis. Die Software DSS-Ecopay wird im Rahmen dieses Projektes für die Auswahl geeigneter Maßnahmen und Flächen zur ökologisch wirksamen und ...

Bounded Workspace

Wolfgang Mulzer, Günter Rote

15.02.2015 — 14.02.2018

In algorithm development and computer technology, we observe two opposing trends: on the one hand, there are vast amounts of computational resources at our fingertips. This often leads to bloated software that is written without regard to resources and efficiency. On the other hand, we see a proliferation of specialized tiny devices that have a limited supply of memory or power. Software that is oblivious to space resources is not suitable for such a setting. Moreover, even if a small device ...


Astrid Sturm

01.07.2015 — 30.06.2018

The overall goal of ClimeFish is to support sustainable fisheries, enable an increase in European aquaculture production, facilitate employment and regional development through effective forecasting, and develop management tools for adapting to climate change. The ClimeFish project will: Help ensure that the increase in seafood production comes in areas and for species where there is a potential for sustainable growth, given the expected developments in climate Contribute to a precautionary ...

Geometric Graphs

Wolfgang Mulzer

01.10.2017 — 30.09.2020

In collaboration with Bar-Ilan-University and Tel-Aviv University. Developing algorithms and data structures for general graphs is a fundamental task any computer scientist must face. In some cases, considering a general graph can make the problem unnecessarily harder than it should be for a concrete application; often the real world imposes various restrictions on the input that may be exploited. In this research proposal, we focus on several natural graph families that can be found ...

Geometrische Strukturen

Wolfgang Mulzer

01.12.2012 — 14.08.2018

Traditionally, algorithm design is concerned with the performance in the worst case. The goal is to design algorithms that show the best possible behavior for the worst possible inputs. No attempt is being made to optimize the algorithms for the specific applications at hand. This approach has proved very successful, since it allows us to focus on the underlying structure of the problem at hand, without the distraction of additional assumptions. On the other hand, there have always been ...

Projekte — abgeschlossen

Dynamic and Kinetic Algorithms

Wolfgang Mulzer

01.04.2013 — 31.12.2016

In collaboration with Bar-Ilan-University and Tel-Aviv University. With the proliferation of cheap mobile devices in recent years, the algorithmic study of sensor networks has received wide attention. In particular, the underlying connectivity structure poses many interesting algorithmic problems. A simple model for such a network is as follows: let S be a d-dimensional n-point set, and suppose that each site s in S has an associated radius r_s > 0. The disk transmission graph G ...

Parallele Algorithmen

Helmut Alt

01.01.2010 — 31.07.2016



Günter Rote

01.02.2011 — 31.01.2014

In Zusammenarbeit mit Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, INRIA Sophia Antipolis, ETH Zürich, Groningen University, Technische Universität Dortmund, National  Kapodistrian Univerity of Athens (NUA) und Tel-Aviv University. The Computational Geometric Learning project aims at extending the success story of geometric algorithms with guarantees to high-dimensions. This is not a straightforward task. For many problems, no efficient algorithms exist that compute the exact solution in ...

Spatial Decompositions and Graphs (EuroGIGA)

Günter Rote

01.04.2011 — 01.07.2014

Seitensicht Sonarbilder

Christian Knauer

Ähnlichkeit geometrischer Graphen

Helmut Alt, Christian Knauer


Helmut Alt, Christian Knauer

Registrierung von Punktmengen

Christian Knauer, Klaus Kriegel

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Navigation in der Neurochirurgie

Helmut Alt

In collaboration with Schaerer-Mayfield-Technologies


Astrid Sturm

01.02.2013 — 31.01.2014

In collaboration with INBO UFZ BTU

Ecopay 2

Astrid Sturm

15.12.2012 — 31.12.2013


Application Oriented Geometric Algorithms

Helmut Alt

01.01.2008 — 31.08.2013

In collaboration with Christian Knauer   A project within the DFG Priority Program 1307 Algorithm Engineering. Summary The goal of this project is to close a gap between theoretically designed and studied algorithms and the methods that are widely used in practice, especially heuristics. We consider primarily but not exclusively the problem of the geometric shape matching. There are many algorithms and heuristic methods that work well and are widely used in practice but lack theoretical ...

Ecopay Romania

Astrid Sturm

15.08.2012 — 10.02.2012

The Ecopay-team undertook a scientific training for ecological-economic modelling and an introduction in the structure and use of Ecopay related to effective and cost-effective payments for measures to conserve habitats and endangered species (birds and butterflies) in grassland.


Astrid Sturm

01.06.2011 — 01.03.2012


Günter Rote

01.11.2008 — 31.01.2012

In order to stimulate conservation in agricultural landscapes programmes have been developed (e.g. in the context of agri-environmental schemes) with which farmers are compensated for carrying out agricultural activities in a biodiversity-enhancing manner. An important requirement for the design of such programmes is that they are cost-effective, i.e. that for existing financial resources the conservation output is maximised. The aim of the SOKO Bio project is to develop a software-based ...


Günter Rote

01.05.2005 — 30.04.2008

In Zusammenarbeit mit INRIA Sophia Antipolis, ETH Zürich, Universität Groningen, MPI für Informatik, Saarbrücken, National  Kapodistrian Univerity of Athens (NUA), Universität Tel-Aviv und The GeometryFactory (GF).



Helmut Alt

01.01.2005 — 29.02.2008

In Zusammenarbeit mit Utrecht University, University of York und Aktor Knowledge Technology. Ziele: wahnehmungsbezogene Segmentierung der Bilddaten und Zusammenfassung der Fomenmerkmale; Vergleich geometrischer Objekte, die den Fomenmerkmalen entsprechen; Partieller Vergleich: Anpassung eines Teils der Form einem Teil der anderen Form; Indexierung relativer Anordnung der Formenmerkmale in einem Bild.


Günter Rote

01.03.2003 — 30.06.2005


Helmut Alt

01.07.2001 — 30.06.2004

Das derzeitige Projekt geht aus einer Forschungskooperation des Instituts für Informatik der FU Berlin und des Deutschen Herzzentrums Berlin hervor. Dieses ursprüngliche Projekt wurde bis Juni 2001 von der DFG gefördert. Für Teile der dabei entwickelten Software wurde ein Lizensierungsvertrag mit der Firma Bio-Rad Laboratries abgeschlossen, der eine 2-jährige Weiterfinanzierung der Forschung und Softwareentwicklung sichert. Gegenstand der Untersuchung sind 2-dimensionale Gelbilder, die ...



Helmut Alt, Günter Rote

01.05.2001 — 30.04.2004

In Zusammenarbeit mit INRIA Sophia Antipolis, ETH Zürich, Universität Groningen, MPI für Informatik, Saarbrücken und Universität Tel-Aviv.

Shape Matching

Helmut Alt

01.04.1998 — 31.03.2002

The aim of this project is the development and partial implementation of algorithms for similarity determination and approximation of geometric objects. To achieve this, methods of computational geometry are to be applied in order to recognize and approximate patterns and shapes. Earlier works of the work group concerning this topic shall be generalized to higher dimensions and more general transformations for the matching of shapes, e.g. arbitrary affine mappings. In particular, data ...

Gel Matching

2D Gel Matching

Helmut Alt

01.01.1997 — 31.12.2000

In collaboration with Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin.

Storage Area Network Optimization

Helmut Alt, Stefan Felsner

01.03.2000 — 31.12.2000

In collaboration with Ancor Communications. This project deals with routing problems. An SAN network connects a set of machines with a set of data storage devices. For each pair (m,s), where m is a machine and s is a strorage device, the required amount of communication between m and s, b(m,s), is given. The goal is to find a routing that keeps the edge weights smaller than the corresponging capacities.


Helmut Alt

15.11.1998 — 15.05.2000

In collaboration with Utrecht University, ETH Zürich, INRIA Sophia Antipolis, Martin-Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg, MPI für Informatik, Saarbrücken und Tel-Aviv University. GALIA ist the continuation project of the project CGAL.


Helmut Alt

15.03.1999 — 31.12.1999

In collaboration with Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. This project is concerned with the recognition of Chinese characters and similar pattern matching problems. The same character can appear in a variety of shapes that differ geometrically. What remains invariant, however, is the ``combinatorial'' structure of the pattern: a number of strokes that intersect or touch each other in a prescribed way. A stroke may move relative to another stroke, but it will not suddenly ...

Map Labeling

Map Labeling

Frank Wagner

01.06.1996 — 31.05.1999

The contents of the project are the development, the theoretical analysis, the implementation and the experimental application of algorithms for some map labeling problems. The objective is to label a given quantity of objects (points, lines, regions) such that no two labels intersect, the legibility is granted by a sufficient label (font) size, and the labeled object can easily be identified. Based on an algorithm for solving a restricted version of this problem which has already proved to ...



Helmut Alt

01.10.1996 — 30.06.1998

In collaboration with Utrecht University, ETH Zürich, INRIA Sophia Antipolis, MPI für Informatik, Saarbrücken, RISC Linz und Tel-Aviv University.