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ScatterWeb .NET SDK


ScatterWeb .NET SDK is a new approach to working with wireless sensor networks. It hides the complexity of embedded programming and offers easy to handle .NET objects that represent the wireless sensors.



Key features:

  • Sensor world available to every developer
  • Understandable namespaces and interfaces
  • Support for Intellisense and dynamic help
  • Well known programming model (events, methods, properties)
  • Extensibility of the nodes’ logic (Tiny C#) and instant Intellisense-Update
  • Development, deployment and debugging within Visual Studio



Sample C# ScatterWeb .NET Application:


Project Goals

  • Extend the .NET tools and architecture to the small devices
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
  • Development, deployment and debugging
  • Visual Studio SDK: project templates and wizards
  • Easy access to sensor values, events and functions using well designed namespaces and  interfaces
  • Extensibility, e.g. by using virtual machine or a software factory


Visual Studio integration

  Develop and deploy ScatterWeb .NET software using Visual Studio 2005 or 2008
  • Integrated ScatterWeb project templates and starter kits
  • Wizard support
  • Intellisense
  • Integrated build and deploy processes for embedded development




Sample Application

  Rapid development using Visual Studio and ScatterWeb.NET SDK
  • Goal: 3D visualization, access to the acceleration sensor
  • Proof of concept within minutes:



  • Final Solution:



  • The ScatterWeb.NET SDK provides the sensor data over the wireless sensor network
  • The developer can focus on the task


More Examples





This work has been supported by the Computational Science Laboratory at Microsoft Research.

Contact: Tomasz Naumowicz