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Dr. Tara Athan

25.08.2014 | 15:00 c.t. - 17:00

CL2 Structural Semantics

Structural Semantics of Common Logic (Edition 2) for Implementation in OntoMaven: Algebraic Structures and Algorithms


This talk presents a mathematical algorithm for importation resolution together with conversion into a canonical form for the ISO Common Logic (Edition 2) language (CL2). Proof that the transformations applied within this algorithm are semantics-preserving rests on the properties of algebraic structures generated as quotients of the $\Omega$-semigroup of corpora (sets of CL2 texts) under set union with domain-restriction operators. A nested sequence of quotients is obtained by considering congruence relations corresponding to increasing enforcement of CL2 semantics constraints.


Dr. Tara Athan (athant.com)

PhD Applied Math Caltech 1987

DiPrima Prize from SIAM

Served on Faculty of RPI and University of Colorado, Staff of Pacific Northwest and Los Alamos National Laboratories

Currently Owner of Independent Consultancy (Athan Services) since 2005

Contributing to Standards for KR Languages: RuleML (defacto), LegalRuleML (OASIS), Common Logic (ISO), API4KB (OMG)

Zeit & Ort

25.08.2014 | 15:00 c.t. - 17:00

Takustr. 9, Raum 006