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Patents in Computer Science: Why and how?

29.11.2011 | 14:15

Prof. Dr. Lutz Prechelt lädt ein zum Vortrag von

In this talk we will explain what is a patent, and what is a software patent, including the different rules in different locations.

We will give a number of examples of CS (Computer Science) patents.

We will discuss different options for getting value out of patents, and the new markets that are now being established for ideas.

Finally we will discuss "good" and "bad" patents and the debate about the contribution of patents to the economy as well as relevant ethic issues.

For any software engineer who is not employees of a large company, and even for some who are, it is important to understand patenting.

University professors are now expected to patent, both for the value for themselves and the university, but also as recognized publications.

Patents are essential for start-ups and independent innovators to protect the IP they create and increase their value.

Even in large corporations patents are now consider one of the criteria for advancements.

This talk will show people how patents could contribute to their career and possibly to their bank account as well.


Zeit & Ort

29.11.2011 | 14:15

Arnimallee 14 Seminarraum E2 Raumnr. 1.1.53