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Forschungsseminar Sommersemester 2014

Topic: "Pro-étale cohomology after Bhatt-Scholze"

When: Donnerstags, 14 Uhr c.t.

Where: SR E.31/A7

Direction: Hélène Esnault

Program: here


Date Titel Speaker
April 24 Overview Lei
April 24 The pro-étale topology Inder
May 15 The pro-étale topos Sina
May 15 Detour about w-local rings Lars
May 22 w-Contractibility of the pro-étale topos Lei
June 5 Comparison between étale and pro-étale topology Elena
June 5 Replete topoi and left-completion Holger
June 19 Functoriality for locally closed immersions Kay
June 19 Constructible complexes in the étale topology and derived completions Lei
June 26 Constructible complexes in the pro-étale topology Jean-Baptiste
July 3 Grothendieck's six operations Giulia
July 10 Infinite Galois theory Gabriel
July 17 The pro-étale fundamental group Ananyo