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Research Seminar Summer 2013

Topic: "p-adic periods and derived de Rham cohomology" after A. Beilinson

Time: 2:15 pm

Place: Arnimallee 7 SR E.31

Direction: Hélène Esnault

Organization: Kay Rülling, Lars Kindler

Program: here


Date Title Speaker
April 18 Introduction Kay
April 18 Fontaine's period ring B_dR Lei
April 25 Illusie's derived de Rham complex Timo
May 2 The derived de Rham interpretation of B_dR^+ Dima
May 16 de Jong's theorems on alterations Inder
May 16 Grothendieck topologies, sieves, bases Adeel
May 23 Varieties, pairs and the h-topology Giulia
May 30 Log geometry and the log derived de Rham complex Ananyo
May 30 Cohomological Descent and de Rham cohomology Lei
June 6 The p-adic Poincaré Lemma I Lars
June 20 The p-adic Poincaré Lemma II Henrik
July 4 The p-adic period isomorphism I N.N.
July 4 The p-adic period isomorphism II N.N.