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MS1: Mathematical Analysis of Complex Quantum Systems: Heinz Siedentop, Konstantin Merz (Abstract)

MS2: Global Analysis and Geometry: Ilka Agricola, George Marinescu, Guofang Wang (Abstract)

MS3: Mathematics and Arts: Martin Skrodzki, Milena Damrau (Abstract)

MS4: Nonlinear Algebra in the Sciences: Simon Telen, Paul Breiding (Abstract)

MS5: Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Applications: Bogdan Matioc, Christoph Walker (Abstract)

MS6: Translation Surfaces: Samantha Fairchild (Abstract)

MS7: Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics: Julia Böttcher, Olaf Parczyk, Yury Person, Tibor Szabó (Abstract)

MS8: Advances in K-Theory, Symmetry, and Periodicity: Gabriel Angelini‐Knoll (Abstract)

MS9: The Future of Digital Infrastructures for Mathematical Research: Tabea Bacher, Moritz Schubotz, Karsten Tabelow, Olaf Teschke, Thomas Koprucki (Abstract)

MS10: Locally Convex Methods in Analysis: Jochen Wengenroth, Thomas Kalmes (Abstract)

MS11: Algebra and Low-Dimensional Topology: Paul Wedrich, Claudius Zibrowius (Abstract)

MS12: Higher Differential Geometry: Matthias Ludewig, Konrad Waldorf (Abstract)

MS13: What are Lectures in Mathematics and What Should They Be?: Thomas Skill (Abstract)



The lectures of the minisymposia will take place in seminar rooms of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science in Arnimallee 6, Arnimallee 7, and Takustr. 9 (see the upcoming program for details).