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Seminar on Open Systems (SOS)

The seminar is a regular (every 3 weeks) meeting about open molecular systems and has strong links to projects C01 and C03 of SFB 1114. Primarily, it serves as a discussion platform featuring progress reports, presentations of key literature and new developments, and guest talks.


Fridays morning SR 126 (Arnimallee 6)

Upcoming talks

Date Time Speaker Topic
2 Jun (Thu) 14:00
SR 031/A7
Alberto Lanconelli
(U Bologna)
Using Malliavin calculus to solve a chemical diffusion master equation
20 May 10:30 Matthias Heinen
(TU Berlin)
Stationary evaporation and droplet coalescence by molecular dynamics simulation
8 Feb 10:00 Roya Darcy flow through a nanoporous medium
8 Oct 10:30 Daniel de las Heras
(U Bayreuth)
Custom flow in Brownian and molecular dynamics
24 Sep 11:00 Abbas Progress on the continuum-AdResS coupling
10 Sep 10:00 Till Kranz
(U Köln)
Particles with non-standard interactions: Bubbles, Bacteria, and Trail
27 Aug 10:00 Robert Großmann
(U Potsdam)
Active matter across scales
4 Jun 10:30 Roya Momentum-conserving thermostats for use in AdResS
19 Mar 10:00 Maaike Galama Evaluation of optimised, higher-order symplectic integrators for molecular dynamics simulations
11 Dec 10:00 Sarah Loos
(U Leipzig)
Dynamic and thermodynamic properties of noisy systems with memory
4 Dec 09:00 SCCS Days (SFB 1114)  
27 Nov 10:00 Elham Bhattacharjee et al. (2020):
Chemotactic Migration of Bacteria in Porous Media
13 Nov 10:00 Mauricio Coupling particle-based simulations with reservoirs mediated by PDEs
2 Oct 11:30 Abbas First steps twoards coupling AdResS and fluctuating hydrodynamics
7 Aug 10:00 Roya Grand-canonical Monte Carlo simulations
31 Jul 10:00 Daniela Generalised master equation and target search as a renewal problem
7 Feb 11:30 Roya Grand-canonical AdResS far from equilibrium
31 Jan 11:30 Zahra Mokhtari
(U Göttingen)
Active particles in heterogeneous media
27 Jan (Mon) 10:30 Discussion Fock space formulation of reaction-diffusion systems
16 Dec (Mon) 11:00 Abbas Pair distribution functions from test-particle insertion
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 098002 (2019)]
6 Dec 11:30 Discussion Fock space formulation of reaction-diffusion systems
1 Nov   no seminar CRC 1114 Fall School: Fluctuating Hydrodynamics
25 Oct 11:30 Hugues Meyer
(U Luxembourg)
Non-equilibrium generalized Langevin equations: theoretical and numerical aspects of memory effects
18 Oct 10:30 Discussion Towards a Fokker-Planck equation of open systems
12 Jul 11:30 Žiga Transport across a porous slab
21 Jun 11:30 Robinson Cortes-Huerto
(MPIP Mainz)
Chemical potentials from H-AdResS
7 Jun 10:30 Arthur Emergent behaviour and control of soft matter
3 May 11:30 Steffi/Daniela/Chris/Manuel Reaction kinetics and chemical master equations
8 Feb   no seminar Focus Retreat: Fluctuating hydrodynamics
1 Feb   no seminar Focus Retreat: Fluctuating hydrodynamics
11 Jan 11:30 Luigi/Rupert Bergman-Lebowitz model
14 Dec 11:30 Sebastian Basics on hydrodynamics
30 Nov 11:30 Mauricio Grand-canonical diffusion-influenced reactions
9 Nov 11:30 Christian Abrupt AdResS: Current status and further development

Meetings of Project C01

Location: SR in A9 (Arnimallee 9)

winter 2019/20: 11/10, 8/11, 22/11, 10/1, 24/1, 21/2, 23/3, 4/6

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