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Willkommen zum Vorlesungs-Wiki Molekulare Netzwerke (A) WS 2013/14


A possible new slot for the lecture is Friday 10-12. If you are interested come by either Wednesday 23, 14:15, A3 SR119 or Friday 25, 10:15, A5/7 room E031 to discuss possible slots for lecture and exercises.

General Information

SWS: 2 + 1, credits: 6
Lecturer: Heike Siebert
Language: German/English


Lecture: tba tba
Exercise: tba tba


The course will focus on model building and analysis methods for molecular networks with emphasis on discrete dynamical models. Planned topics include introduction (or short revision) of the most common frameworks, modularization and reduction techniques, network inference and hybrid approaches. In the exercises we will also deal with original papers and look at available software.


Date Type Topic Lecture Material Additional Material
Lecture Regulatory networks, PLDE models Slides  


Topic Article Supplementary Material
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