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Scanning scanning scanning...

How to scan

  • Using Network ScanGear Software
    • Install the scanner driver by following the instructions in the Orgaweb.
    • Walk to the scanner in room 022 and set it up for scanning: Options->Online.
    • Now you can scan into TWAIN compatible programs, e.g. Adobe Acrobat or GIMP.
    • Set the printer back to Options->Offline when you are done with scanning.
  • Using the built-in send function of the scanner
    • Open the send view in the menu
    • Select E-Mail and then E-Mail Address from the appeared dialog (the big green button changes its status from idle (green backlight) to ready (red backlight))
    • Specify your E-Mail address in the textfeld and confirm twice with OK
    • Put your documents face-up into the scan-unit at the top of the scanner and push the green button (your documents will be scanned immediately and send as a pdf document to the specified E-Mail address)
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