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Welcome to the Wiki of the Journal Club

In this seminar we will present original work in Computational biology as well as progress reports from PhD students.

Master students will present their MSc thesis plans and results or report about their ”Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum”.

This term, credits cannot be given out for the Journal Club but students are invited to attend the seminar and hold presentations nevertheless.


The course will start on Monday, 23.04.2012


We meet on Monday 14-16 (c.t.) in room 001 / A2 (Villa, Arnimallee 2)

Date Speaker Title
23. 04. 12 Sandro Andreotti Isoform Inference with RNA-seq
30. 04. 12 no meeting  
07. 05. 12 Kathrin Trappe, Jochen Singer Results MSc thesis
14. 05. 12 Jialu Hu Pair-wise global network alignment on PPI networks
21. 05. 12 Birte Kehr Hidden breakpoints in genome alignments
28. 05. 12  
04. 06. 12 Arthur You Report on PhD work
11. 06. 12 Matthias Kuhring Forschungspraktikum
18. 06. 12    
25. 06. 12 Sabrina Krakau Status of MSc thesis
02. 07. 12 Rene Rahn Report on PhD work
09. 07. 12 Alessandro Mammana Report on PhD work
16. 07. 12 Manuel Holtgrewe Report on PhD work
??. ??. 12 Björn Kahlert Report on PhD thesis

Some useful guides on how to give a good seminar talk:
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