Analysis Methods and algorithm design


Date Lecture Materials
18.10.2011 Run time analysis I runtime.pdf
20.10.2011 Run time analysis II see above
25.10.2011 Hashing I hashing.pdf
27.10.2011 Hashing II see above
1.11.2011 Randomized algorithms I skiplist.pdf
3.11.2011 Randomized algorithms II see above
8.11.2011 Tree decomposition I treedecomposition.pdf
10.11.2011 Tree decomposition II see above


Content Exercise Material Deadline
Problem sheet exercise 0 Exercise 0, AdditionalMaterialWS11 20.10.11
Preparatory reading exercise 0 Computational Thinking (Jeanette Wing)
Problem sheet exercise 1 Exercise 1 28.10.11
Problem sheet exercise 2 Exercise 2 04.11.11
Problem sheet exercise 3 Exercise 3 11.11.11
Problem sheet exercise 4 Exercise 4 22.11.11
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