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Language Requirements

Course language:

Usually, lectures are given in German. English is the exception.

The course language of each individual lecture is specified in the course catalog in the course descriptions under the term "Unterrichtssprache/Course language". For some courses it depends on the audience. In this case, if one student does not speak German and the remaining students agree, the course is held in English.

  • If the course language is said to be "English", the course will defenitely be held in English.
  • If the course language is said to be "German/English", it is a matter of discussion between the lecturer, the other participants of the course and you whether the lecture may be held in English or not.
If in doubt, contact the lecturer of a specific course and ask about the language he teaches in.

Which courses are offered in English or German/English?

To find courses offered in English or German/English, follow these instructions:
Go to https://mycampus.imp.fu-berlin.de/mvs2/course/overview/?locale=en

  • Choose Faculties: Mathematics and Computer Science
    Departments: Informatik/Computer Science
    Semester: WiSe 2023/24 or SoSe 2024
    Course Language: English (or German/English)
  • click "Show Ancillary Courses" (nothing else)
  • click "View"
  • In the following list, filter for the status "Published" (these are the courses that actually take place in the running semester).
You will not yet find courses for the summer semester 2024 as nothing has been agreed upon and published. This will only really be the case in about March to April 2024. But mostly the courses do not differ a lot from those given a year before, so take 2023 as an orientation.

Level of competence in English:

At our department a level of English B2 is considered as being enough, though C1 is much preferred -- to your own benefit and the rest of the students' wanting to attend a successfull lecture.

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