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Incomings: An die Freie Universität Berlin kommen

A warm welcome to new students joining us!


Applications must go to the local Erasmus Coordinator at your home university, who will make the selection and nominate the students for participating in the exchange program.

About Semesters and Courses

At FU Berlin, the academic year is divided into two parts, called semesters. The lecture period of the winter semester starts mid-October and extends to mid-February. The lecture time of the summer semester starts mid-April and ends around July 20th. A number of courses are offered as blocks between each semester's lecture periods. This includes the intensive language courses. An exchange student usually will stay for one semester.

Available Courses

Exchange students are invited to attend all lectures and seminars which fit into their curriculum. Current course descriptions can be found in the course catalog of the university and of the department (more up-to-date). The final list of classes for the winter semester is usually available in June, and the classes for the summer semester in January. See the separate description for an advanced view of future courses, plus information on the ECTS credit points and on filling in the Online Learning Agreements (OLA).

Language Requirements

Usually, lectures are given in German, English is the exception. The course language is specified in the course catalog in the course descriptions under the term "Unterrichtssprache/Course language".

Further Information

Tutor for International students and Mentoring

You may enjoy support provided by our Tutor for International Students and/or International Mentor.

At the beginnung of your stay - Registration in Campus Management

At the beginning of the semester, it is important that you register in the Campus Management system all courses that you want to take, as agreed in the Learning Agreement. This makes it possible to earn credit points and grades. When a lecture and "practice seminar" belong together, register for both. Our Tutor for International Students and/or International Mentor will help you with the use of the system, as well as with the MyCampus/Whiteboard Learning Management system. Depending on your enrollment, you will see only a limited selection of courses; in case some of your courses are not offered, use the module registration form and drop it in the mailbox in front of the examination office. (As the reason for using the form, write: Erasmus.)

At the end of your stay − Transcript of Records

To obtain the transcript of records, fill in the form (English version, German version) with the courses you have taken and the exams that you have passed (or that you are planning to take), and send it to the Erasmus Coordinator. It will take a while (several months) until the transcript of records is issued, because all grades need to be entered and be visible in Campus Management.

Usually, the grades are entered into our Campus Management system only after the make-up exam (the second exam for those who failed the first exam) is graded. If you do not intend to take part in the make-up exam, you can ask your teachers to enter your grades as soon as they are known, in order to speed up the process. Notify the Erasmus Coordinator as soon as all grades are there.

Upon completion, the transcript of records will be sent to your home university by email. You may also get a scanned copy.

Confirmation of Stay

For a confirmation of stay, in case you need one, please turn to the central Erasmus office.