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How do I complete the Online Learning Agreement (OLA)?

First of all, please read this AND the information in the Distributed Campus portal.

As a student of Mathematics or Computer Science, you need to enter modules into the lines of the OLA:

  • If a module consists of several items, as is usually the case, enter the CODE number for both items on one line, e.g. 19303701+19303702 or 19303701/02.
  • For the SUBJECT, it is sufficient to name the subject of the lecture and add "and practice seminar". (This is despite the fact that the Distributed Campus portal recommends to enter "only individual courses (seminar, lecture, exercise, etc.)".
  • There is an exception for some modules that stretch over two semesters, or some 15-credit modules that combine lectures and seminars.
IMPORTANT: For "Responsible Person at the Receiving Institution" always enter the email address international@mi.fu-berlin.de