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Transcript of Records

To obtain the transcript of records (ToR), complete

and send it together with all other documents required via email to international@mi.fu-berlin.de.

Adhere to the email etiquette, please. We are no machines, nor servants and wish to be treated according to our education.

PLEASE do fill in ALL information asked for and do read it thoroughly!

Inform us about all courses you have attended, including your language courses and lectures from other departments, and the ones entered in Campus Management.


It is very important that you collect all the grade certificates (Leistungsnachweise/Scheine) for your courses even if they are registered in Campus Management, because only on grade certificates (Leistungsnachweise/Scheine) there is a field for the ECTS credits you get, which does not exist in Campus Management. Please ask the lecturers to fill in a participatory and active attendance grade certificate (Leistungsnachweise/Scheine) at the end of the semester.

You are responsible to deliver us the grades and ECTS you actually achieved (last colum in the ToR request form), not the official ECTS you might get for a course.

As usually the grades are entered into Campus Management only after the make-up exam (the second exam for those who failed the first exam) has been graded, it might take some time up to several months until the transcript of records can be issued. If you do not intend to take part in the make-up exam, you can ask your teachers to enter your grades in CM or confirm them on a grade certificate as soon as they are known, in order to speed up the process.

The ToR can only be issued once you have collected ALL your grade certificates. Should this not be the case before your departure, then please wait until you receive the certificates from your professors and pass on all the required documents as PDFs via email to international@mi.fu-berlin.de once you have received them.

There is no deadline for issuing the ToR.

Be advised that we cannot issue more than one ToR and no temporary transcripts will be issued.

Upon completion, the transcript of records will be sent to your home university by email. You may also get a scanned copy. The original paper document will follow per postal service to the address you specified in the ToR request form.