Forschungsseminar Wintersemester 2013/14

Thema: "Higher Dimensional Class Field Theory and Ramifcation"

Beginn: 14 Uhr c.t.

Ort: SR E.31/A7

Leitung: Hélène Esnault

Programm: hier


Datum Titel Sprecher
24. Oktober 1-dimensional class field theory Lars
31. Oktober First properties of the abelian fundamental group Inder
7. November The theorem of Katz and Lang Jean-Baptiste
14. November The reciprocity map Henrik
21. November The Isomorphism and Weak Existence Theorems Kay
28. November Fundamental theorms Giulia
5. Dezember The tame case Sina
12. Dezember Ramification theory Holger
9. Januar Lefschetz theorem for the abelian fundamental group with modulus Lars
16. Januar The existence theorem with modulus Lei
23. Januar The cycle conductor Ananyo
30. Januar No talk!
6. Februar No talk!
13. Februar Proof of the existence theorem with modulus Kay