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Mathe. Kolloquium: Prof. Vitali Milman (Tel Aviv): Elementary operator equations and classical constructions in analysis

18.06.2015 | 17:15


In the colloquium talk we will characterize the derivation, the Laplace operator and other operations of classical analysis by their functional equations, e.g., the Leibniz rule. We will see an unexpected rigidity of the chain rule and some other relations in Analysis. We will also study very classical functional relations and see some new, and not expected phenomena. For example, does a submultiplicative function exist on \R which is not multiplicative on \R+ ? The answer (which I did not expect) plays a role in the study of the chain rule.


ab  16:45 Uhr,

Arnimallee 3,  Raum 006


Koordinator:  Prof. Dr. Klaus Altmann


Zeit & Ort

18.06.2015 | 17:15

Hörsaal 1, Arnimallee 3