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Prof. Holger Brenner (Osnabrück): Irrational Hilbert-Kunz multiplicities

06.11.2014 | 17:15


The Hilbert-Kunz multiplicity is an invariant of a commutative ring in positive characteristic and describes the asymptotic behavior of the Frobenius homomorphism. It was introduced by Ernst Kunz in 1969. Paul Monsky conjectured in 1983 that it is always a rational number. After talking about positive results in this direction I will explain an example where the Hilbert-Kunz multiplicity is irrational.


ab  16:45 Uhr,

Arnimallee 3,  Raum 006


Koordinator:  Prof. Dr. Alexander Schmitt


Zeit & Ort

06.11.2014 | 17:15

Hörsaal 1, Arnimallee 3